How a Dental Crown Could Help You
By Bella Dentistry, LLC
November 20, 2020
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Dental crowns are one of the most commonly used restorations, thanks to their versatility. If you have a damaged, fragile, or unattractive tooth, your Athens, GA, dentist, Dr. Chanda Bennett of Bella Dentistry, may recommend that you enhance, protect, or restore your tooth with a crown.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are hollow restorations made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, or resin. Also known as caps, the restorations cover the tops part of teeth, completely encasing them. Before you can receive a dental crown, your dentist must reduce the tooth's size slightly and make an impression on your mouth. The impression serves as a guide for the dental lab technicians who will make your crown.

You'll leave the Athens dental office wearing a temporary crown after your first appointment. In about two weeks, you'll return to the office to receive your permanent crown. After your dentist makes a few minor adjustments to the fit of the crown, the restoration will be cemented onto your tooth.

How are crowns used?

Crowns can:

  • Improve the Way a Tooth Looks: A crown offers an ideal solution if you want to makeover an unattractive, crooked, or oddly shaped tooth. The restorations also keep discolored teeth hidden.
  • Length Teeth: Dental crowns can lengthen teeth that have shortened due to wear and tear or grinding your teeth while you sleep.
  • Protect Fragile Teeth: Weak teeth can break fairly easily, causing fractures that may require extraction if the break extends in the tooth roots. Crowns protect and strengthen fragile teeth, reducing the risk of fractures. You may need a crown if you've had a dental procedure that weakened your teeth, such as a root canal or large filling, or if your tooth is cracked, brittle, or crumbling. Talk to your Athens dentist to learn more.
  • Restore Broken Teeth: Broken teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. Eating becomes more difficult when your tooth isn't whole. A broken tooth can also be very painful and may cut your mouth, lips, or tongue. After a dental crown is added to your tooth, it will look just like it did before you broke it.

Could your smile benefit from a dental crown? Call your dentist in Athens, GA, Dr. Chanda Bennett of Bella Dentistry, at (706) 546-7722 to schedule your appointment.



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