Could Dentures Help Me?
By Bella Dentistry, LLC
April 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dentures definitely help most people who have experienced partial or complete tooth loss. These replacement teeth restore oral functiondentures and normalize speech, and they give back youthful facial contours. If you have smile gaps, or if extractions are imminent, know that Dr. Chanda Bennett at Bella Dentistry in Athens, GA, will fit you will the best dentures to serve your individual oral health needs, comfort, and style preferences.

What dentures accomplish

Both full and partial dentures replace teeth lost to accident, decay, cancer treatment, or abscess. Custom-made according to oral impressions and your dentist's detailed instructions, dentures are custom-made from tooth- and gum-colored acrylic. Partial dentures usually have a metal frame and clasps, too, which hold the artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth.

Whether full or partial, dentures allow the patient to bite and chew relatively normally. They also restore facial appearance and give the individual confidence that they can speak and laugh in public without the embarrassment of big smile gaps.

Some full dentures are anchored directly to the jaw bone with multiple dental implants. With such prosthetics, a person will retain more of his natural jaw bone density. Without dental implants in place, bone and gums recede quickly after tooth loss, changing bite height and facial contours.

Types of dentures

Dr. Bennett offers several kinds of dentures at Bella Dentistry in Athens. Together, you and the dentist will go over the details of your oral examination and X-rays. You'll discuss lifestyle options and costs. Together, you'll select the kind of denture most helpful to your particular situation.

Types of dentures include:

  • Partial dentures, made up of one or more artificial, or pontic teeth, affixed to a metal frame and held in place by clasps
  • Full immediate dentures, placed right after tooth extraction
  • Full conventional dentures, placed after sutured areas of the gums are fully healed
  • Implant-supported dentures, secured by multiple dental implants surgically placed into the jaw (may be permanent or removable)

Whatever your need, Dr. Bennett can meet it so you can have a beautiful and fully functional smile.

Life with dentures

Realistically, you will have to adjust to your dentures. Biting and chewing is different than with natural teeth, and over time, as your bone and gums continue to shrink, your dentures will be remade or relined.

Also, the American College of Prosthodontists says that oral hygiene is simple but requires a special denture brush and toothpaste formulated just for dentures. An overnight denture cleanser removes stubborn food and tobacco stains and helps eliminate odors.

Find out more

Please contact Bella Dentistry in Athens, GA, to arrange your denture consultation with Dr. Bennett. You'll find her skill, knowledge and kind touch great assets in creating your new smile. Call today: (706) 546-7722.



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